Terms of Affiliation

A. Conditions of membership of the arbitrators in the Center:

1. Not less than thirty years of age.
2. At least a bachelor’s degree.
3. Has experience in the field of arbitration : “to be involved in the first two basic workshops and the second is advanced according to the workshops held by the center.”
4. He has practiced specialized legal or professional business for a period of not less than fifteen years. This period is reduced to ten years for the person who has practiced the judiciary, the law or the head of the legal departments or has obtained a master’s or doctoral degree or who was a member of the schedule Not less than five years.
5. Have good conduct and conduct.

B. The fees for membership and renewal shall be determined by the General Secretariat of the Center.

C. The application for membership shall be submitted to the Secretary General and presented to the Council of the General Secretariat and the Arbitration Board. The membership shall be accepted after the vote, with the approval of 50% + 1 of the members present at the meeting.